MindMender Counseling Services, PLLC.


Welcome to MindMender Counseling Services, PLLC. I am Colleen Serreno the owner/manager and counselor.  

Most people consider family their “safe haven” from the pressures of everyday life. But what happens when you or a loved one start becoming disconnected?

They start using substances, depression sets in, they no longer engage with others, a spouse seeks support outside of the marriage, and children start acting out. It is a fragile time and the special bonds of family start to unravel.

What do you do then? What are your next steps?

MindMender Counseling Services, PLLC is committed to keeping families together. I provide the safety net to each individual family member to re-engage in life. My philosophy has always been to work and develop at a pace that is comfortable for you. I believe that with a safe and confidential therapeutic relationship, change can take place. Together, we will build a plan around the strengths that we know we can find. I will champion you in the art of reconnecting to those you love. Help is just a phone call or an email away.